PROGRAM TYPE CODE                
Advanced Breastfeeding Strategies Course OBST 509    
Breastfeeding Basics Course OBST 508    
Breastfeeding Field Work Course OBST 511    
Breastfeeding Support (RN / RPN) Certificate 7981    
Clinical Research Graduate Postgraduate Certificate 07681    
Coronary Care Nursing Certificate 7141    
Coronary Care Nursing 1 (RN / RPN) Course CORN 501    
Coronary Care Nursing 2 Course CORN 502    
Coronary Care Nursing 3 Course CORN 503    
Coronary Care Nursing: Clinical Component Course CORN 504    
Critical Care Nursing Certificate 7281    
Critical Care Nursing: Clinical Component Course RNCC 503    
Emergency Nursing Certificate 7361    
Emergency Nursing Adult and Older Adult Course EMGY 511    
Emergency Nursing Clinical Component Course EMGY 515    
Emergency Nursing Introduction Course EMGY 510    
Emergency Nursing Pediatric and Women Course EMGY 512    
Emergency Nursing Special Populations Course EMGY 513    
Emergency Nursing Trauma Course EMGY 514    
Emergency Telecommunications Certificate 07631    
Essentials of Prenatal and Postnatal Care (RN / RPN) Course OBST 501    
Fetal Health Surveillance Course OBST 503    
Funeral Pre-Planner Certificate 07761    
Funeral Services Diploma 07321    
Hemodynamic Monitoring of the Critically Ill Patient Course RNCC 502    
Introduction to Critical Care Nursing Course RNCC 501    
Introduction to Operation Room Nursing Course OPER 501    
IV Therapy/Phlebotomy Course POST 128    
Maternity Nursing Care for the High Risk Client Course OBST 505    
Maternity Nursing Clinical Component Course OBST 510    
Medication Administration Certificate 7361    
Medication Administration Lab Course MEDA 051    
Medication Administration Theory Course MEDA 050    
Nephrology Nursing 1 Course NEPH 500    
Nephrology Nursing 2 Course NEPH 502    
Nephrology Nursing 3 Course NEPH 503    
Nephrology Nursing 4 Course NEPH 504    
Nephrology Nursing for RN Certificate 7511    
Nephrology Nursing for RPN Certificate 6701    
Neuroscience Nursing Course NEUR 500    
Obstetric Nursing Certificate 7381    
Pain, Labour and Birth Management Course OBST 502    
Paramedic Diploma 07651    
Patient Assessment - Post Graduate Course POST 500    
Perioperative Component Course OPER 504    
Personal Support Worker Certificate 07741    
Pharmacy Technician Diploma 07731    
Practical Nursing Clinical Review Course PNCR 100    
Regulatory Affairs Graduate Postgraduate Certificate 07721    
Respiratory Nursing 1 Course RESP 500    
RN Clinical Component Course OPER 505    
RN Nephrology Nursing: Clinical Component Course NEPH 505    
RN Operating Room Nursing Certificate    
RPN Clinical Component Course OPER 506    
RPN Nephrology Nursing: Clinical Component Course NEPH 506    
RPN Operating Room Nursing Certificate    
RPN Refresher Certificate    
Surgical Specialties and Related Anatomy Part 1 Course OPER 502    
Surgical Specialties and Related Anatomy Part 2 Course OPER 503    
The Newborn: Assessment and Initial Management (RN / RPN) Course OBST 504