PROGRAM TYPE CODE                
Advanced Breastfeeding Strategies Course OBST 206    
Advocacy and Leadership in Early Childhood Course ECE. 043    
An Introduction to Arts and Sciences Course HUMA 024    
Anatomy and Physiology for Clinical Research Course BIOS 502    
ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) Course HLTH 030    
Assessment Skills Course RPN. 110    
Bachelor of Nursing Degree 07061    
Bachelor of Nursing - Second Entry Preparation Degree 09341    
Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Course BIOS 101    
Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 Course BIOS 211    
Basic Microbiology Course BIOS 102    
Biotechnology Course CLIN 513    
Breastfeeding Basics Course OBST 106    
Breastfeeding Field Work Course OBST 306    
Breastfeeding Support (RN / RPN) Certificate 07981    
Business Operations 1 Course FPPC 103    
Business Writing Skills Course COMM 300    
Canadian Society and Culture Course SOCI 006    
Child Development: 2 to 6 Years Course ECE. 124    
Child Development: 6 to 12 Years Course ECE. 244    
Child Development: Prenatal to 2 1/2 Years Course ECE. 114    
Children, Play and Creativity Course ECE. 113    
CICE Ontario College Certificate Certificate 0107    
Clinical Laboratory Procedures and Data Interpretation Course CLIN 509    
Clinical Project Management Course CLIN 511    
Clinical Research Certificate 07781    
Clinical Research - Phlebotomy Course CLIN 501    
Clinical Trials in Specific Diseases Course CLIN 508    
College Reading and Writing Skills Course COMM 200    
Community Collaborations Course ECE. 242    
Connecting Children With Nature Course NATR 010    
Coronary Care Nursing Certificate 07141    
Coronary Care Nursing 1 (RN / RPN) Course CORN 101    
Coronary Care Nursing 2 Course CORN 201    
Coronary Care Nursing 3 Course CORN 301    
Coronary Care Nursing: Clinical Component Course CORN 401    
CPR-C for HCP Course HLT. 203    
CPR-C for HCP Renewal Course HLT. 204    
CPR-C Renewal Course HLT. 205    
Creating Inclusive Environments Course ECE. 232    
Critical Care Nursing Certificate 07281    
Critical Care Nursing: Clinical Component Course RNCC 301    
Curriculum Design Course ECE. 123    
Data Collection Techniques and Biostatistical Methods for Clinical Research Course CLIN 504    
Development of Protocols and Case Report Forms Course CLIN 507    
Development: Across the Lifespan Course ECE. 112    
Early Childhood Education Diploma 07911    
Early Childhood Education – Advanced Studies in Special Needs Postgraduate Certificate 07901    
Electronic Fetal Monitoring Basics Course OBST 104    
Emergency Nursing Certificate 07361    
Emergency Nursing 1 Course EMGY 101    
Emergency Nursing: Clinical Component Course EMGY 601    
Emergency Telecommunications Certificate 07631    
Essentials of Prenatal and Postnatal Care (RN / RPN) Course OBST 102    
Ethical Issues in Practical Nursing Practice Course NURS 364    
Ethics and Critical Thinking Course FPPC 101    
Family Perspectives Course ECE. 233    
Field Practice 2 Course ECE. 703    
Field Practice 3 Course ECE. 303    
Field Practice 3 Course ECE. 803    
Field Practice 4 Course ECE. 403    
Field Practice 4 Course ECE. 903    
Field Practice Seminar Course ECE. 800    
Field Practicum 1 Course ECE. 116    
Field Practicum 2 Course ECE. 126    
Field Practicum 3 Course ECE. 236    
Field Practicum 4 Course ECE. 246    
Funeral Arrangements 1 Course FPPC 105    
Funeral Pre-Planner Certificate 07761    
Funeral Services Diploma 07321    
General Education Elective (Select 1) Course GNEDG000    
Grief Issues 1 Course FPPC 104    
Hemodynamic Monitoring of the Critically Ill Patient Course RNCC 201    
Humanities: An Introduction to Arts and Science Course HUMA 024    
Interpersonal and Negotiation Skills for Clinical Research Course CLIN 505    
Introduction to Clinical Research and the Product Development Process Course CLIN 500    
Introduction to Critical Care Nursing Course RNCC 101    
Introduction to Operation Room Nursing Course OPER 501    
Investigational Materials: Planning, Handling and Disposition Course CLIN 506    
IV Therapy/Phlebotomy Course POST 128    
Legal and Professional Issues in Practical Nursing Course NURS 365    
Maternity Nursing Certificate 07381    
Maternity Nursing 2 Course OBST 201    
Maternity Nursing 3: Clinical Component Course OBST 301    
Medical Devices Course CLIN 512    
Medical/Surgical Nursing Course EMGY 203    
Nephrology Nursing (RN) Certificate 07511    
Nephrology Nursing 1 Course NEPH 101    
Nephrology Nursing 2 Course NEPH 201    
Nephrology Nursing 3 Course NEPH 301    
Nephrology Nursing 4 Course NEPH 302    
Nephrology Nursing for RPN Certificate 06701    
Nephrology Nursing: Clinical Component Course NEPH 401    
Neuroscience Nursing Course NEUR 123    
Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant Diploma 07751    
Organization and Monitoring of Clinical Trials Course CLIN 503    
Pain, Labour and Birth Management Course OBST 103    
Paramedic Diploma 07651    
Pathophysiology for Clinical Research Course BIOS 503    
Patient Assessment Course POST 107    
Pediatric Emergencies Course EMGY 501    
Perioperative Component Course OPER 504    
Personal Support Worker Certificate 07741    
Pharmacy Technician Diploma 07731    
Phlebotomy/IV Therapy Course RPN. 111    
Practical Nurse Examination (CPNRE) Preparation Course PREP 100    
Practical Nursing Diploma 07041    
Practical Nursing Clinical Review Course PNCR 100    
Practical Nursing Health Assessment Course NURS 162    
Practical Nursing Leadership Course NURS 460    
Practical Nursing Pharmacotherapeutics 1 Course NURS 263    
Practical Nursing Pharmacotherapeutics 2 Course NURS 363    
Practical Nursing Practice 1 Course NURS 161    
Practical Nursing Practice 2 Course NURS 261    
Practical Nursing Practice 3 Course NURS 361    
Practical Nursing Practice 4 Course NURS 461    
Practical Nursing Pre-Graduate Experience 1 Course NURS 561    
Practical Nursing Pre-Graduate Experience 2 Course NURS 571    
Practical Nursing Theory 1 Course NURS 160    
Practical Nursing Theory 2 Course NURS 260    
Practical Nursing Theory 3 Course NURS 360    
Practical Nursing Theory Four Course NURS 466    
Pre-arrangement Practicum Course FPPC 116    
Pre-arrangements Practice and Theory Course FPPC 102    
Promoting Health and Safety Course ECE. 115    
Psychology: Developmental Course PSYC 002    
Psychology: Introduction Course PSYC 001    
Recent Trends in Therapeutics Course CLIN 514    
Regulations, Guidelines and Standards Governing Clinical Research Course CLIN 502    
Respiratory Nursing Course RESP 120    
Responsive Relationships in Inclusive Environments Course ECE. 111    
RN Clinical Component Course OPER 505    
RPN Clinical Component Course OPER 506    
RPN Exam Preparation Course RPN. 112    
RPN Nephrology Nursing: Clinical Component Course NEPH 402    
Scientific and Technical Writing Course CLIN 510    
Social Justice: Nurturing Communities Course ECE. 122    
Sociology: Introduction Course SOCI 002    
Standard First Aid with CPR-C for HCP Course HLT. 107    
Standard First Aid-C Course HLT. 106    
Surgical Specialties and Related Anatomy Part 1 Course OPER 502    
Surgical Specialties and Related Anatomy Part 2 Course OPER 503    
The Newborn: Assessment and Initial Management (RN / RPN) Course OBST 112    
The Polytraumatized Patient Course EMGY 401    
The Reflective Professional Course ECE. 241    
The Role of the Early Childhood Educator Course ECE. 231    
The Role of the Early Childhood Educator 1 Course ECE. 021    
Transforming Practice Through Observation Course ECE. 235    
Understanding Children Through Observation Course ECE. 125    
Workplace Writing Skills Course COMM 300    
Writing Skills for Funeral Services and Practical Nursing Course LANG 102    
Year 1 Field Practicum Seminar Course ECE. 118    
Year 2 Field Practicum Seminar Course ECE. 238